Monday, August 18, 2014

How to Maximize the Relaxation from a Massage Therapy Session

Most people do not receive massages on a daily basis. For that reason, they should treat the massage as a special occasion and take steps to maximize the feeling of relaxation that the massage provides. On the day of the massage, individuals should avoid distractions that could spoil their mood or introduce new stresses, such as e-mail, computers, and smartphones. If possible, they should free their day of other appointments and schedule the massage for a time when they can escape work and other stressful activities.

Some people may want to nap after a massage, which is actually a great way of complementing massage’s therapeutic effects, as sleep allows the body to recharge. Experts often recommend a 30-minute nap following a massage for the full rejuvenating benefits of sleep, but individuals can sleep for longer if they wish.

Massage therapists often recommend drinking water following a session. By helping the kidneys eliminate waste products more efficiently, water facilitates the removal of toxins released by the body during a massage.                            

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